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Our application notes covers following research topics, visit detailed information to download PDF data of application notes.

Major Applications

Proteins Protein protein interaction
Antigen antibody interaction (immune reaction)
Aggregations of amyloid peptides
DNA DNA hybridization
Detection of mismatched base pair
RNA-DNA, RNA-protein and DNA-protein interaction
Suger Chain Sugar-protein interaction
Hydrolysis of polysaccharides
Polymerization of glycosyl transferase
Lipid Lipid-peptide interaction
Liposome binding
Supported lipid bilayer
Enzyme Hydrolysis reaction by DNase
Degradation by Trypsin
Elongation reaction by polymerase
Binding of Small Molecures Protein-small molecule interaction
Evaluation of inhibitor
Ligand-receptor interaction
Evaluation of toxins
Cell Adhesion of cells
Drug response of cells
Plastic Polymers
Thin film formations
Polymer material-biomolecule interaction
Polymer decompositions
Evaluation of biocompatible polymer
Adsorption of colloidal particles
Adsorption of carbon nanotubes
Metal dissociation
Evaluation in crude solution
Evaluations of effective detergent

Application Notes   (Bioscience [A 01-24] & Materials [B 01-08])

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No. Title
A-01 Physical adsorption of Proteins and Protease digestion
A-02 Interaction between Proteins
A-03 Measurement of Antigen-Antibody reaction in milk
A-04 Self-aggregation of Prion protein
A-05 Self-aggregation of β-amyloid protein
A-06 Analysis of DNA elongation reaction
A-07 Binding of Transcription factor to DNA
A-08 Binding of Antibiotics to DNA
A-09 Metal complex inhibits DNA hybridization
A-10 Binding of protein to polysaccharide
A-11 Binding of Protein-modified simple sugar to Lectin
A-12 Binding of Catechin to Lipid membrane
A-13 Small molecule binds to Protein
A-14 Inhibition by metal complex for binding of transcription factor to DNA
A-15 Detection of Allergen molecule from food-stuffs
A-16 Detection of Verotoxin
A-17 Judgment of Blood group with Saliva sample
A-18 Measurement sensitivity of Antigen-Antibody reaction
A-19 Kinetic analysis of Antigen-Antibody reaction
A-20 pH dependent interaction between proteins
A-21 Optimum pH condition for column chromatography
A-22 Difference of solution for Enzyme Reaction
A-23 Examination of essential ion for enzyme reaction
A-24 Adsorption of Liposome to Peptide
B-01 Washing ability evaluation of kitchen detergent
B-02 Washing ability evaluation of Contact lens cleaner
B-03 Adsorption of proteins on various coating material
B-04 QCM measurement in air
B-05 Binding between Carbon nanotube and Dispersing agent
B-06 Acid corrosion resistance of Aluminum thin film
B-07 Dependence of particle diameter for adsorption of Latex beads
B-08 Evaluation of mass change of QCM by using colloidal gold
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