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Our standard QCM model, AFFINIX QN, has single channel unit, contributes production of high quality data. Measurement platform is flexible and user friendly for many creative researchers from biological to materials field.

  • Measuring chambers can be customized from 1channel to 4 channels
  • Measuring unit is replaceable with AFFINIX QN µ (micro) unit (Buffer solution volume: 400-550µl, Cup-typed acrylic sensor cell)
  • High sensitivity and low noise level
  • Subtraction background by using control experiment
  • Individual 4 channel measurements
    Affinity, binding constant measurements
  • Kinetic analysis
  • Versatile operation platform
  • Simple & easy operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low running cost
  • Compact size
  • Affordable price


The stick-type sensor for AFFINIX QN is made by a 27 MHz quartz crystal and a ceramic support. This sensor is resistible for organic-solvent, general organic-solvent is applicable for immobilization of samples. Standard surface of sensor is gold that is versatile surface for immobilization of biomolecules, we have many immobilization protocols of molecules and blocking protocols of non-specific bindings. We can offer special sensor surface (e.g. SiO2, TiO2 coating) upon your request, please contact us.

  • High sensitivity 27 MHz frequency (fundamental resonance)
  • Stick-type sensor assembled with ceramic support and quartz crystal sensor.
  • AFFINIX QN sensor
    Standard gold surface
  • Metal Oxides coating sensors (e.g. SiO2, TiO2)
  • Immobilization protocols and services of molecules


  • Non label, real time monitoring for molecular recognition or reaction monitoring
  • Comparing experiments (specific or nonspecific ligand, analyte concentration, buffer condition, temperature. etc.)
  • Build up the experimental procedures
  • Aggregation monitoring
  • Evaluation of polymer, thin film, nanoparticle, nanotube and other nanomaterials
  • Interaction analysis between many molecules
  • Long time measurement
  • Analysis of binding constant (dissociation constant) and kinetic parameters
  • Measurements in crude solution

Software (AQUA)

For AFFINIX series measurements, we provide the analytical software that enable to do following analysis easily.

  • Equilibrium analysis (binding constant (Ka) and dissociation constant (Kd))
  • Kinetic analysis (binding rate (kon) and off rate (koff))

Sensor surface coating services

Standard sensor electrodes are made by gold (Au). Moreover, special coating electrodes are available as follows.

Au electrode sensors (standard)

Au sensor for AFFINIX QN

Au sensor for AFFINIX QN

Ti (Titanium)

Ti (Titanium)