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Cautions on use

The description in this page applies to this Web site managed and operated by ULVAC Inc. ('the Company'). Be sure to read and follow the information on this page carefully when using this site. The definition of 'this site' and the interpretation and application of the usage conditions for it are as stipulated by Japanese law.
Some portion of the contents included in this site, regardless of expressly mentioned or not, may apply only in Japan and/or to the Japanese market.

Recommended browsers

The use of Internetexplorer 6 (or a later version) is recommended for viewing this site. This site uses Flash components, so requires the latest version of Flash Player. The site also uses JavaScript components and style sheets, so for easy viewing, JavaScript and style sheets should be enabled in the browser settings.
The site can be used to download PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read PDF files.


Copyright © 2001- ULVAC, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
The information in this site is protected by copyright laws, treaties and other laws in various countries. Except for personal use and other uses explicitly permitted by law, the use of this information (including reproduction, alteration, uploading, posting, sending, distribution, licensing, sale and publication) is prohibited by law.

Exemption from responsibility

The content of this site is subject to change without prior notice. Information obtained from this site by the user may not be the latest information. The information in this site should be used with caution. The Company makes no guarantee concerning the content of this site. Unless special provisions on this site are made, the Company assumes no responsibility for damage incurred by the user arising from the use of this site.

Usage prohibitions

The following actions are prohibited by users of this site:

  1. Actions that infringe or may infringe on the property or privacy of a third party or the Company.
  2. Actions that damage or may damage a third party or the Company.
  3. Actions that violate or may violate public order and morals.
  4. Commercial activities, activities for profit, or preparations for such activities.
  5. Criminal actions, actions linked to criminal actions, or actions that may result in such actions.
  6. Registration of a third party's email address or other submissions of false declarations or reports.
  7. Actions that damage the reputation or credibility of a third party or the Company.
  8. Actions that involve or may involve the use or distribution of harmful programs such as computer viruses.
  9. Actions that violate or may violate a law, ordinance or regulation.
  10. Other actions deemed inappropriate by the Company.

Links to this site

When users link to the website of ULVAC, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as we / us / our), we do not require them to notify us thereof, but the users should read and understand the following policies on links and accommodate accordingly.

  1. We refuse links from sites which contain slander or which we deem to be likely to otherwise infringe upon our business, good name, or trust.
  2. We refuse links from sites for which the provision of links to our website itself is for their commercial purpose or solicitation purpose, or is otherwise an instrument of their business.
  3. We refuse links from sites which we deem to be likely to breach public order and morals, or laws or ordinances including statutes, bylaws, and regulations, or to interfere with the operation of our website.
  4. refuse links from sites which we deem to infringe or be likely to infringe on intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademarks, properties, privacy, or other rights such as portrait rights.
  5. We refuse links from sites which we deem to be likely to cause misunderstanding to third parties such as links which incorporate our website into their own frames and make it unclear that the contents thereof belong to us.
  6. Links should show or state clearly that they are links to our site by indicating any of the text (characters) of "ULVAC" or "ULVAC, Inc."
    Also, we refuse links which use trademarks such as logos or marks, or other images (including banners) we own.
  7. The URL of each page in our site is subject to change or deletion without prior notice, so links should be to the site's top page.
  8. We do not assume any responsibility for any trouble arising out of or in connection with the links, or for the facts of links such as damages or problems, or for any matter relating to the sites from which the links are provided.

Contact through this site

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